Why Lose Weight With Running?

Losing weight with running is one of the most common things that people will do first when they want to lose weight and live a healthier life. This is not just the reasons you can often find in that running is a good form of sports and is therefore good for you, running does not have to be expensive, a gym is often, you can lose weight with running often do flavors with someone, and you can do it whenever you want. you don’t have to wait for that one class in the gym but just 24 hours a day when you want it, I would recommend creating a schedule for yourself, but we’ll get to that later.

Why Lose Weight With Running?


I’ve just described it a bit, but if you look at the many sports that are available and which of them can contribute well to losing weight, running is the most popular, there are many sports possible and you can also just go to the gym Therefore, to do something about your health, here is a small list of the benefits of losing weight with running.

It is not expensive, a good pair of running shoes is required.

  • You don’t need an expensive gym subscription.
  • You can do it whenever you want.
  • You can do it alone or with several people.
  • Anyone can do it (If you can run you can run too)

I can write down more benefits but I think you understand why most people choose to lose weight with running.

In addition to losing weight with running, running has other benefits that you would not even think about at first, even more benefits and reasons for losing weight with running are:

It improves your breathing, so it is good for stress and it relaxes you.

Your circulation improves.

You will feel fitter and better.

You get more energy and a sense of life

Good for your mental relaxation.

You sleep well.

Running – Where to start?

So you have come so far that you want to lose weight with running, then you have at least ended up on the right page where I will tell you how you can best approach this.

How do you start running? What do you start with and how do you keep it up?

Many people do not start running because they find it too much trouble, they often think that they have to buy everything before they can run, nothing is less true, Running has indeed become a trend in the Netherlands and you often see enough people running in streamlined sportswear with beautifully colored hip running shoes.

But I can also tell you right away that when I started running I just took my old sneakers out of the closet and put on a pair of jogging pants with a T-shirt and started running, because yes that is what it takes and nothing more.

Continue and persevere

Now the point is that you will do this more often, and the best thing to do is to agree with yourself how often per week you want to do this and when, a running schedule can help you with this.

Such a schedule also establishes a distance or duration that makes you progressively more advanced in running, you will have to push yourself a little further each time and push your limits, this is precisely what sports are all about. If you do this well, you will quickly notice that you are losing weight and losing weight, and you will soon feel better.

A running schedule and a running app are good means to keep running. What also works well is meeting with someone to run together, so you oblige yourself to keep the appointment, after all you cancel an appointment with your running buddy less quickly than an appointment with yourself.

If you succeed and you have already run a few times according to plan, you can be proud of yourself and treat yourself to something nice, no not something tasty but something nice!

Running and Nutrition

In addition to losing weight with running, you will also have to be busy with your nutrition, because you will also get more hungry by running, your metabolism will increase enormously and this will give you a greater feeling of hunger. Your body requires more nutrition as fuel to restore your body.

A personal nutrition plan helps with this

Keep drinking a lot, water is the best option. Before you run, take a piece of fruit such as an orange or a banana, this contains energy that you can use well during the run, do not eat too much before running because running with a full belly is not good.

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