How You Know What Your Skin Needs

Use face mask? This is how you know what your skin needs

Using the right face mask is very important, but how do you know which one to choose?

A face mask can give your skin a huge boost. Once in a while it is wonderful to pamper yourself with a wonderful mask. It is then only very important to use the right face mask, otherwise it cannot be good for your skin. But do you use the right one? With this article you can find out which face mask is perfect for your skin!

Face mask for your skin:

Dry Skin

This is how you recognize this type:
Your skin often feels tight. Your pores are not visible or very small.

The right face mask:

A small innkeeper: with dry skin you naturally need a moisturizing mask. It is best to use a jelly mask for this. A jelly mask / gel mask is a mask based on bound sap from plants or fruits. There are many different jelly masks. There are cleansing, contracting, stimulating or moisturizing jelly masks. The choice is yours!

Relaxed and wrinkled skin

This is how you recognize this type:
Your skin is a bit older. You have some wrinkles and (perhaps) suffer from pigmentation spots. Your skin may also be a bit slack.

The right face mask:

Do you recognize your skin in this? Then a cream mask is the right face mask for you. This mask does not dry up and is nice and soft. The mask looks a lot like a normal day or night cream, but is a bit thicker . This mask can give your skin that little bit extra. Because the mask is so thick, the moisture cannot evaporate properly. This way your skin retains more moisture.

Oily skin or skin with acne

This is how you recognize this type:

Especially in puberty you can suffer from a somewhat greasier skin. This is mainly because your sebum production plays a lot, so that your skin can also shine more. Because of this sebum production there is a chance that the sebaceous exits get clogged, causing pimples and blackheads. Yep, this also (sometimes) affects you.

The right face mask:

For oily skin, it is best to use a paste face mask or a powder mask. The pasta mask is ready for use almost immediately. All you have to do before applying the mask is to mix the mask well. This is due to the powder particles mixed in the package with a liquid. You need to prepare the powder mask for use. The name says it all: it consists of powder, so you have to mix it with water or lotion. Because these masks dry up and extract a lot of moisture from your skin, they are best for oily skin. It is not recommended to use these masks with dry skin, because this will dry out your skin even more.

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