What Is The Difference Between Fruit And Green Smoothies?

You often hear that green smoothies are healthier than fruit smoothies. This is partly correct, but why is that? And are fruit smoothies unhealthy? We can already put your mind at ease: fruit breakfast smoothies are certainly not unhealthy! The most important thing is that green smoothies contain other nutrients.

Moreover, green smoothies are often a combination of fruit and vegetables. So you get the best of both sides in one smoothie. Smoothies are often very bitter. A healthy smoothie is of course fun and nice, but it should also taste good. That’s what the fruit is for.

Fruits also often contain sugars and many carbohydrates, which you are not always looking for. Sugars make the fruit smoothies tasty, but too much sugar is not good for you. Banana and apple are particularly high in sugars. By blending the fruit in combination with vegetables, you get a healthier breakfast smoothie.

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Which fruits and vegetables don’t you want to use in a smoothie?

You’ve probably already noticed how some of the ingredients were more common in the different smoothies. Mango and banana in particular are often used in smoothies. These give a nice taste to the smoothie. But what types of fruit and vegetables shouldn’t you use in smoothies?

Some vegetables contain starch. It is better not to use this in a smoothie, because it does not go well with the fruit. You can then quickly experience abdominal cramps, and you prefer not to. Starchy vegetables include legumes (such as beans and peas) and lentils.

Leafy vegetables are often the best option for your smoothies. Think, for example, of spinach, kale and endive. These vegetables do not contain starch and are therefore safe to use in the smoothie. In terms of fruit, you can actually use almost all types of fruit; the sweet fruits in particular are very tasty.

Tips for tasty breakfast smoothies

Finally, we give you some tips to make your breakfast smoothies extra tasty and healthy. It is better to make sure you can chew your smoothie. This is how the enzymes in your saliva get to work with the smoothie, which makes it easier to digest. Otherwise you will feel bloated.

In addition, fat in your smoothie is also important. The avocado in some smoothies already helps a lot, but coconut oil, full-fat Greek yogurt or seeds are also effective. Don’t keep your smoothies for too long; maximum 1 day. After this, green smoothies are usually not so good anymore.

Also try not to knock the smoothie back in one go. The portion of fruit and vegetables is very large, but then packed in a small smoothie. By taking the smoothie more evenly over the morning, your body can digest the substances better!

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