How You Know What Your Skin Needs

Use face mask? This is how you know what your skin needs

Using the right face mask is very important, but how do you know which one to choose?

A face mask can give your skin a huge boost. Once in a while it is wonderful to pamper yourself with a wonderful mask. It is then only very important to use the right face mask, otherwise it cannot be good for your skin. But do you use the right one? With this article you can find out which face mask is perfect for your skin!

Face mask for your skin:

Dry Skin

This is how you recognize this type:
Your skin often feels tight. Your pores are not visible or very small.

The right face mask:

A small innkeeper: with dry skin you naturally need a moisturizing mask. It is best to use a jelly mask for this. A jelly mask / gel mask is a mask based on bound sap from plants or fruits. There are many different jelly masks. There are cleansing, contracting, stimulating or moisturizing jelly masks. The choice is yours!

Relaxed and wrinkled skin

This is how you recognize this type:
Your skin is a bit older. You have some wrinkles and (perhaps) suffer from pigmentation spots. Your skin may also be a bit slack.

The right face mask:

Do you recognize your skin in this? Then a cream mask is the right face mask for you. This mask does not dry up and is nice and soft. The mask looks a lot like a normal day or night cream, but is a bit thicker . This mask can give your skin that little bit extra. Because the mask is so thick, the moisture cannot evaporate properly. This way your skin retains more moisture.

Oily skin or skin with acne

This is how you recognize this type:

Especially in puberty you can suffer from a somewhat greasier skin. This is mainly because your sebum production plays a lot, so that your skin can also shine more. Because of this sebum production there is a chance that the sebaceous exits get clogged, causing pimples and blackheads. Yep, this also (sometimes) affects you.

The right face mask:

For oily skin, it is best to use a paste face mask or a powder mask. The pasta mask is ready for use almost immediately. All you have to do before applying the mask is to mix the mask well. This is due to the powder particles mixed in the package with a liquid. You need to prepare the powder mask for use. The name says it all: it consists of powder, so you have to mix it with water or lotion. Because these masks dry up and extract a lot of moisture from your skin, they are best for oily skin. It is not recommended to use these masks with dry skin, because this will dry out your skin even more.

Tips for Healthy and Good Looking Nails

Nail Health – Healthy, well-maintained nails are an integral part of a beautiful appearance, which offers many social and professional benefits. Thanks to a few tips, it is possible to obtain healthy, well-groomed, elegant nails. In this way it is possible to prevent many nail disorders and nail infections. If certain nail problems occur or persist, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Sometimes nail abnormalities indicate an underlying medical condition that requires treatment.

Choose other hair shampoo

Some shampoos are good for the hair, but not good for the nails. This is especially true for shampoos with strong chemicals or shampoos for oily hair, which are designed to remove fats and other natural oils from the scalp. If the nails are very dry and the person uses a soap product that removes the oil, there is a chance that the nails will dry out as a result.


Take biotin supplements for good looking nails

Supplements of biotin (a member of the vitamin B complex) increases nail thickness and prevents cleft and broken nails. To get a good effect, people should take 2.5 milligrams a day, but always first consult the doctor before taking these supplements.

Limit contact with chemical cleaning agents

When the person does housework or uses laundry, it is best to limit contact with harsh chemicals, including detergent. If possible, he always uses rubber gloves to maintain nail health.

Do not wash hands excessively for healthy nails

Washing your hands regularly is good, but washing your hands excessively leads to damage to the nails. If the person is exercising a profession that requires them to wash their hands regularly, the use of a moisturizer is recommended. People then apply this a few times a day and then rub a little extra cream around the cuticles.

Wet the cuticle

The cuticle gets a better appearance and protects the nails better against cracks by moistening them. Applying oil around the cuticle helps hydrate the entire nail, reducing the risk of crumbling, cracking and chapping.

Do not cut or manipulate cuticles

The cuticle must be left alone. The cuticle is the natural barrier against fungi and bacteria. If it is torn or broken, the protection will be lost. This not only causes the cuticles to look worse (red, swollen and frayed), but also leads to a nasty nail infection. This infection causes damage to the nail bed and leads to permanent nail damage.

Fitness Myths and Facts

There are so many myths in the fitness world. Follow our range and discover the truth!

This statement is only partly true. You should only do stretching exercises after your warm-up session before exercising. Stretching Exercises are not warm-up exercises.

Stretching your muscles when they are completely unheated can be dangerous. Compare your muscles with a piece of chewing gum. At first, the chewing gum is hard, but after chewing it a few times, it becomes soft and stretchy.

To achieve this with your muscles is the purpose of the warm-up session – to get your muscles warmed up and ready to stretch and to exercise. If you do strenuous exercise with unheated muscles, it significantly increases your chances of stretching a muscle.

Recent research has shown that it is unnecessary to stretch your muscles until the end of your workout. The goal is once again to make sure your muscles are warmed up before you can hurt them through stretching exercises.

To stay on the safe side, it is better to warm up for 5 – 10 minutes and watch how warm your body is. In winter you will have to warm up slightly longer than in summer.

Do the type of activity you plan for a few minutes. Then do some stretching exercises specifically with the muscles you are going to use in your workout. Do the majority of your stretching exercises after your workout.

And remember to stretch your muscles and stay in that position for as long as possible. If you move too fast, start a reflex in your muscles to pull together and protect your limbs.

If you stretch your muscles for a longer time, stretch them and stretch them – this is the purpose of stretching exercises.

Fitness Mist

“People are just getting fatter when they get older.”

Many people accept it as pure truth, but it is simply not true.

Somewhere in one’s middle years, two things happen:

First, we lose muscle mass. At the same time, people are also starting to maintain a less active lifestyle.

Most people do not realize that the effectiveness of one’s metabolism is directly linked to the amount of muscle mass you have on your body.

People mistakenly blame their slow metabolism for a thousand physical problems.

The best way to maintain your body’s muscle mass and maintain your metabolism is by exercising several times a week with weights.

Most people think aerobic exercises in themselves are enough to add extra weight to the stroke. It does burn your muscle fat for energy and the cardiovascular benefits should not be underestimated, but it is not enough.

To really stimulate your metabolism, the larger muscles of the body should be practiced – such as the back muscles, the chest and the leg muscles.

Man’s metabolism slows down with age because one loses muscle mass, but it’s really not difficult to prevent it.

Exercising only two days a week for half an hour, in addition to one’s regular exercise program, will keep your muscle mass and your body will burn more effectively.

The more muscle mass you have, the more effective your body will burn fat. This does not mean that you have to become a body builder – just think of the time you spend in the gym than you spend on making yourself healthier.

Planning can Ensure you a Healthier Everyday Life

Planning is in many respects a good thing. You will avoid a lot of stress and hardship and negative surprises if you plan your everyday life. It is the same if you want to live healthier. You can get a healthier everyday by planning and following the advice of this article.

healthier life

Make a diet plan

A diet plan is an effective tool for a healthier everyday life. With a diet plan you can plan your diet and thus make sure you eat the right thing in your everyday life. Make sure it contains plenty of vegetables, fruits and low-fat meat. Cut down on fast food and junk, and then you are well on your way towards a healthier everyday life.

Make a daily shopping list

If you have a diet plan then many things in everyday life become easier – not least purchases, as with a diet plan you know what to buy every day. This way you avoid having to make a lot of impulse purchases and have to decide on dinner every single day. You can therefore advantageously make a shopping list based on your diet plan.

Prepare a Training Program

You do not get out of training if you want a healthier body. It is healthy for the body to move and it requires you to exercise properly. There are a lot of resources online where you can find a good training program, and you also have the opportunity to seek out a personal trainer who will be able to organize a good training program for you.

Prioritize Training and Healthy Eating

It may well be that you have the right intentions and that you really want to get a healthier everyday life. But that’s not enough. It requires hard work. Therefore, you need to prepare for it to be hard to change your life. Therefore, it is important that you prioritize the training, which may mean that you must cancel an appointment or two.