11 Tips Not To Fail On The Return To The Gym

Recovering the training routine after a few days of vacation is possible if we follow these recommendations

Trying to return to the gym is a common purpose after vacation or downtime. Laziness, lack of time and other reasons are usually the most common excuses for not stepping on a gym in a long time.

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1. Come back little by little . Reincorporation to physical activity must be progressive. Restarting with too much force can cause injury or excessive tiredness that can backfire. The ideal is to do a rehabilitation routine and gradually intensify the exercise.

2. Set realistic goals . If you set yourself difficult goals to achieve (“I will lose 4 kilos in 10 days”, “In a month my abs have to be noticed” …) you will fall apart right away because (we already warned you) you are not going to achieve it. Get mental in reaching goals little by little and everything will be much more satisfactory.

3. Do a sport that amuses you . It may be boring to lift iron, but in the gym there are many alternatives to exercise: try a sport that you have fun such as zumba, aerobics or strong, among them. Music and friends are good companions in order to have fun.

4. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice . Monitors, personal trainers and room technicians can help you set up a training routine that suits you. In this way, the doubts you may have when doing an exercise will be dispelled. Otherwise, you can get injured or work without logic.

5. Alternate cardio and toning . Doing a little bit of everything (bodybuilding and aerobic exercises) will help you stay in shape while gaining strength, endurance and elasticity. It is important that you spend a few minutes at the end of the session to stretch and avoid possible injuries .

6. Rest! Every effort needs its corresponding rest so that the body assimilates it better. So, in addition, you can return to training with all your strength.

7. Follow a healthy diet . If we train a lot but eat poorly, we will be doing the job halfway. Eating a healthy diet will make us feel better and will serve to maximize training efforts.

8. Don’t Overtrain . Training more than you touch is negative. The muscles need rest. Don’t exploit them.

9. Join a gym near home . The distance to the training place can not be an excuse, so it is better to have the gym close to home or work. In this way, following the routine will be easier.

10. Modify your routine . Are you bored always doing the same? Combine different workouts. Go to the gym, run, buzz, lift weights … Everything is easier.

11. Don’t obsess! Sport can sometimes be frustrating, but the goal is to prevent that from happening. Take it as a hobby that helps you feel better, maintain your well-being and disconnect.

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